Free Lettings Valuation - What is the rental value of my property?

Need a free rental valuation of your property?

AJ Homes' letting experts provide up to date rental valuations for all types of property across South Gloucestershire/North Bristol areas. With over 40 years of combined experience, together with fully qualified staff, you can rest assured that we will provide you with an accurate free valuation that ensures your property generates the best return possible.

We provide valuations whether you are:

  • A new landlord looking for advice on how much rent to charge
  • An experienced investor looking for up to date valuations on your portfolio of properties
  • Deciding whether to sell or rent your property

An accurate valuation is essential because the moment your property is advertised the interest will be at its greatest; you don't want to discourage tenants by asking for unrealistic rent.

Why ask AJ Homes for a free Property, House or Flat rental valuation?

Our valuation process is totally transparent, so you won't be left wondering how and why we've reached the valuation of your rental property. With every valuation we consider the local economy, including interest rates, local infrastructure and employment rates. We also take into consideration your property's condition and location, the current demand from tenants in your area and the current supply of similar rental properties.


How much does a rental property valuation cost?

AJ Homes' rental market appraisals are completely free of charge.

I currently live in the property; can I still arrange a rental property valuation?

Even if you're not ready to put your rental house on the lettings market immediately, knowing its rental value will help you as you organise your finances. AJ Homes can help you not only let your property but also find your next one.

What areas do you cover?

Our experienced letting agents provide rental valuations for properties in South Gloucestershire/North Bristol areas, covering postcodes of BS36, BS37, BS32 BS34 & BS16.

If you value my rental property do I have to let it through you?

No. You are under no obligation to let with AJ Homes if we provide you with a rental valuation.

Arrange a free rental valuation

To book your free rental valuation, call us on:

01454 252 140 or complete & submit the form below.